(PM) Pacific Mail Steamship Company
                               Service From San Francisco                     
                                To Australia/New Zealand

                    Founded in 1848, the he Pacific Mail Company established 
              services between the
East and West coasts of the United States, 
              and between San Francisco and
Yokohama and Hong Kong.  
              In 1875, the Company was awarded a ten-year contract,
              a subsidy mainly from New South Wales, to provide a five
              screw steamship
service between San Francisco, Honolulu,
              Kandavau  (Fiji), and alternately 
Sydney or Auckland and
              other New Zealand ports.  Initial voyages were made by the

              Vasco De Gama
(a British flag screw steamer),  the Pacific
              Mail screw steamer
Colima and a chartered  screw steamer
.  From the beginning of 1876, the service became a
              regular four weekly service and the route had been changed
include both Auckland and Sydney for each voyage. In
              1877, Honolulu replaced
Kandavau in the route. The service
              continued until the contract expired in 1885
when Pacific Mail
              decided not to renew, and the service was taken over by the
Oceanic Steam Ship Company (OS) jointly with the Union
              Steam Ship Company of New Zealand

                VASCO DE GAMA - iscs 2912t 1873 Renfrew.  Built for  the
                 China Transpacific Steamship Co.
in 1875.  Made one return
                  voyage San Francisco-

                                                                                                       National Maritime Museum, Greenwich , U.K.


                COLIMA - iscs 2905t 1873 Chester, Pa  1875.- Made two return voyages  San-Francisco
                 -Kandavau-Auckland-Port-Chalmers.   Returned to Panama-San-Francisco route

                   Photographer: Alexander de Maus                                       Ships in Focus Record No. 35                       

                CITY OF SAN FRANCISCO - iscs 3009t 1875 Chester, Pa .  In 1875-1876 made three
                 return voyages San 
Francisco-Kandavau-Sydney. In 1877,  wrecked on the Mexican coast


               Photographer: Alexander de Maus                  Ships In Focus Record  No. 35    


                GRANADA - iscs 2751t 1873 Wilmington, Del.  In 1876,  made one return voyage
                San Francisco- Kandavau-Auckland-Port
Chalmers. Returned to San Francisco Panama

               Photographer: Alexander de Maus                         Ships in Focus Record No. 35                                            


                MIKADO - iscs 3034t 1873 Glasgow. Built for D.R. Macgregor  & Co.  in 1876 made
                one return voyage Sydney-Auckland-San Francisco .  
                No image found.


                CITY OF SYDNEY - iscs 3016t 1875 Chester, Pa.  in 1876,  began service on San
                Francisco-Kandavau- Sydney route

                                                                                                                           Dickson Gregory's "Australian Steamships"


                CITY OF NEW YORK - iscs  3019t 1875 Chester,Pa.  In 1876, began service on San
                 Francisco-Kandavau- Sydney route 
                Photographer: Alexander de Maus                                 Ships in Focus Record No. 35

                ZEALANDIA - iscs 2730t 1875 Glasgow.   Built and owned by the Fairfield Ship
               Building Company with
British registry and officerand Chinese crew but managed by
               Pacific Mail. In 1876,  began service on the San Francisco- Auckland-Sydney route.  In
               1886,  sold to the Oceanic Steam Ship Co.

                   With the Oceanic Steam Ship Co.                                                       Will Lawson "Pacific Steamers"

                AUSTRALIA - iscs  2737t 1875 Glasgow.   Built for Fairfield and under  the same
                arrangements as ZEALANDIA.  In 1876, began service on the San Francisco-Auckland-
                Sydney route.   In 1886,  sold to Oceanic Steam Ship Co.

  Engraving                                                                         Illustrated Sydney News 1881




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